This site is launched for the Christians of the world with the exception of any being that wishes to control or harm any human being on Earth. God’s elect must finally be free to realize their potential–their true nature; this can only be accomplished with freedom of association, freedom of expression and freedom of movement. It all begins with learning truth about our world, the true history, the main authors of a matrix engineered to sequester our sovereign power and the beauty suppressed in the human soul.

Your quest to awaken either begins or deepens here. The movement of citizens toward truth around the world is considerable. Consider this site a symptom of the awakening that has already occurred. Project Awake is the next level.

This site is for the masses, the newcomers to truth. Learn at your own speed. Choose the subjects that have triggered you to come here. Trust that each story and post here are far more reliable than any newspaper or broadcast news you may have absorbed over the years. This site is moderated to remove sensationalism, hidden agendas, lies and foremost fear-mongering.

Fear is the enemy of freedom. This site will strengthen you for the days ahead and put you in touch with many like-minded individuals.


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