Pastor Perry Stone, perhaps the most powerful, awake and fearless Pastor in the world, prophecies about things to come and already started, chapter and verse. He also declares all of the details about the New World Order. Do not believe the disinfo that Pastors have sold out to the NWO; the world’s elite are for the most part Satanists and wish to destroy Christianity. Those that are atheists, Islamic or of any faith should listen to this presentation in full; it is very informative. The details about the New World Order delivered  here are incisive. He speaks of:

  • the mark the beast (all the technology), how they aim to chip you (shown and explained)
  • the anti-Christ explained
  • Government intrusion and the UN
  • world leaders
  • UN
  • Guns (“people kill people, not guns”)
  • genocidal plans of the elder
  • control of people: money, health, food
  • banks, money, US collapse, foreign ownership
  • the truth about Jews
  • Electoral deceit, immigration
  • historical parallels
  • 2011 and 2012

It is also featured here


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