The word on the street, is “the US dollar will drop by 50% to 70% between March and July 2011”. Whether this prediction (or plan)  gets postponed by a temporary play, it is inevitable.  The collapse of the US dollar is in fact, imminent. Every American’s net worth in US paper, property, will drop in tandem. Make no mistake it is a takeover to own and control USA by the world’s elite.

How will the public react? Civil unrest will occur. Panic will follow, food riots and many will perish. Do not doubt that all nations will feel the tsunami when US falls; no one but a gaggle of profiteers is exempt. It is the “beginning of sorrows”. (Revelation)

The only thing the world can do to save countries suffering under crushing, engineered debt, is to forgive it; this must be discussed without delay. The world economy must be re-calibrated. The elite will not suffer from such debt forgiveness; but 6.8 billion people will. Only then, can the free market system be re-thought, and removed from the hidden hands that engineer boom and bust cycles to line their pockets. When will we learn? When will stop buying the rampant rhetoric that enables this greed and financial genocide?

If we allow a “basket of currencies”, a euphemism for one world currency, to replace the US world reserve, money will  be in the control of a small group of men. You will not have access to money unless you comply to the most oppressive laws imaginable, reminiscent of Mao’s era.

Will they mint the “Bancor”? This new currency (shown above right) was arrogantly waved at a 2009 G8 meeting,  by Russian President, Medvedev. Is this going to be our trading mechanism or will SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) issued by the IMF / World Bank, foreign and privately controlled organizations? And pray tell, how will these drawing rights manifest?

A good strategy to overcome the devaluation is to buy gold and silver now; these will not lose their value and you will be able to exchange them into any currency without loss. Make sure you get your hands on real gold and silver–not paper orders for gold and silver! Find trustworthy suppliers. And be wise, buy food and household supplies for six months before super-inflation hits the store shelves.


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