This is probably the most frightening news you will hear from reliable intelligent sources, Lauren Moret (reknown for her work in depleted uranium) and interviewer/broadcaster, Jeff Rense. This is Agenda 21 grinding forward and must be stopped before it is too late. Here are the verifiable highlights in the video testimony below:

  • Google is tracking all DNA from space (all DNA emits a specific frequency)
  • CIA scientist, “Win Parker”, admits “we are redesigning the human genome” (to create anything they want too)
  • single and double strand DNA breaks in rat brain cells after exposure to cell phones, airport scanners, much of the electric grid
  • 60Hz in your home can be used to transmit behavior change, mind control, because we humans are electrical systems first, not chemical
  • all but 5% of males and 30% of females will be sterilized–wild reproduction is no longer an option–it is to be only by artificial insemination, under control and permission of the police state. Read this story below to see how close we are

What will it take for us people to wake-up and rid the world of this psychopathy?


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