An interview conducted and released today by Bill Ryan, an alternative media personality, of an insider, “Charles” (a pseudonym), reveals plans to cull humanity. Charles works with and for the most powerful faction of the globe’s wealthiest elite and is reporting on their plans, with their permission.

The elite say they must cull humanity based on their data, and “because the earth is broken”. There is no evidence provided for the genocide NOR any data shared. Charles speaks of “financial” scarcity not natural scarcity; yet, he explains that money is just a method to acquire power.

If there were truly a natural food scarcity, there would be no need to destroy and outlaw natural seed. There is only the drive to control food, and cull humanity by withholding of food. In order to do this, you must control all the food. He speaks of genetically modified food as the method to produce and withhold all food, triggering famine.

I believe the underground bases he also spoke of are  to protect the elite from the public gone mad from hunger and fear; a place where safe, natural food is growing right now. It is all so dastardly. I think of family, friends, children, good people around the world who will soon suffer if we cannot find a way to stop this evil.

It amazes me that the elite believe they have the right to triage humanity–no matter what the circumstances. Until I see proof that humanity must be culled, and not junk science, I maintain that this is a crime of apocalyptic scale. I am fully aware that the elite have not abandoned the debunked “global warming”, now re-framed as “climate change”; this may still be the premise leveraged to reduce our numbers.  I also suspect that this has to do with the fact that people are aging and will need to use their savings intended for the robber-barons  to pay for their insurmountable usury. I doubt this is about trees or grain; but, more about money, power and disdain for the common man. We must hold a moral position as we process this testimony; human souls are precious. Ryan tried to humor his guest with alternative thinking; it is evident that he is not in accord. What an awful revelation to start the year with.

Charles also declares that we are going to experience solar challenges; perhaps great, perhaps not. The elite are not certain themselves. This could mean a loss of power which permeates all modern life. He also states there may be a pole shift, of which effects are unknown; but, the elite have spent billions building underground bases, “just in case”. How secure can an underground shelter be during crustal displacement?

We must learn to become more self-sufficient, agrarian, mechanical; no less, kinder and supportive to each other. Let’s not let the elite continue to divide us by pitting us against each other with our petty differences. Natural food and water are common to us all; we must unite to ensure our access to these life-giving basics.

Finally, we must understand that fear is the basic tool of an elite bent on control; never let fear overcome your natural instinct for self-preservation. Let your local grocer know that you will not buy GMO foods and purchase the few foods that are still natural, organic; add to your complaints,  that they are complicit in your health’s decline. Inundate the major food processors with faxes and emails to the head of Public Affairs and CEOs–and copy their shareholders who will fear a corollary decline in stock value. Write to your congressman and political leaders objecting to the FDA governing the world’s food under S510.

The whole two-hour interview can be seen on video here.


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