In 1969, when the Club of Rome was founded by Aurelio Peccei, the manufacturing of the overpopulation lie began to be stitched piece-by-piece. To that end, they commissioned MIT in 1972 to produce a seminal essay entitled,”Limits to Growth”. (It is a ruse of the global elite to fund and use scholarly institutions to corroborate their agenda; but, these works are invariably rhetoric, and inadequately peer-reviewed.)  Among its many critics, here is an excerpt obtained from Wikipedia:

“Yale economist, Henry C. Wallich labeled the book, “a piece of irresponsible nonsense” in a Newsweek editorial dated March 13, 1972. Wallich’s main complaints are that the book was published as a publicity stunt … and that there was insufficient evidence for many of the variables used in the model. According to Wallich, “the quantitative content of the model comes from the authors’ imagination, although they never reveal the equations that they used.”

Maurice Strong, Canadian industrialist with vast global influence among the elite, is also a founding member of The Club of Rome; it is reported that he breathed life into the words, “sustainability” and “global framework”. The latter term has evolved into the more palatable, “New World Order”, punctuated by political leaders around the globe today. Mark my words, it is a new order of a psychopathic kind.

Thomas Robert Malthus, a British scholar, projected over 200 years ago the world’s population would exceed the planet’s ability to sustain it; hence, a “Malthusian catastrophy” entered into to the ruling elite’s lexicon, no less the Club of Rome and its gaggle of adherents. The same urgent tones, reminiscent of Al Gore’s apocalyptic antics about global warming, are still uttered by eugenicists today, despite the fact that Malthus’ predictions were wrong. Two different dogmas; both, pure junk science. It is no surprise that Malthus’ catastrophic errors are mirrored in MIT’s “Limits to growth”.

The world population is currently estimated at 6.8 billion; however, birth and death rates have been declining around the globe for almost 70 years. Additionally, the estimated increase in world population are not justifiable since most nations are already well below population replacement rates of 2.1 children per couple. Western nations including N.A. and Europe, and no less, China, Japan among others are far below their replacement rate; this decline has begun long ago and it is reported that it cannot be reversed.  I find the Census reports and estimates generated by the CIA very questionable; truly, who can attest to their accuracy?

The U.S. State Department and the United Nations are major players in this population game. (Their chart on the left confirms a decline and not the threat of an increase.) Depopulation measures are funded in large part by top U.S. foundations like Ford and Rockefeller; Ted Turner, founder of CNN, has recently funded depopulation measures to the tune of $1 billion. Warren Buffet, Bill and Melinda Gates also fund this false eugenics agenda generously.  Abortion and sterilization are top measures for depopulation in the West; Planned Parenthood is one of its evil instruments, as are the UN and the WHO.

Now here is where the data on population becomes alarming. A pediatric endocrinologist in Denmark, brought to my attention the consolidation of 61 studies conducted around the globe between 1940 and 1990, all of which calculated the human male spermatozoa count per ml; the results are astonishing. It has been declining at the rate of 1% per annum each year; this means that as of 1990, the male fertility rate was below 50%. It is now estimated that male fertility today is as low as 15% to 20%; if this decline continues it will reach zero in approximately 20 years. Yet, the elite continue to raise fear about population growth when it is clearly dropping like a lead weight. This expert attributed the decline to pesticides, bisphenol-A (BPA, a compound in almost all food containers) and phthalates (a by-product of plastics); all mimic estrogens and are endocrine disruptors, key to reproduction.

In consideration of the information herein, it is clear that the real threat to the world is underpopulation. Fact is, the world’s population is aging and in decline. As fertility rates fall and abortion, contraception, sterilization and disease caused by toxins increase, the world will soon enter an age in which the elderly outnumber the young; I suspect this is closer than reported.  Looking at the data, it is not unreasonable to assume the last child could be born in twenty years;  with a life expectancy of 70 years, the last human living could conceivably expire by the year 2100. Fear not, extinction is only for the masses; there will be a small surviving population of elite who have exempted themselves from the measures they impose on us to cull our numbers, and of course, a coterie of those who will serve them to survive.

PHOTOS: From left to right David Rockefeller, John P. Holdren (Obama’s Science Czar), Maurice Strong, Ted Turner and Bill Gates. Just a few of the elite who espouse over-population and share the belief that it should be reduced by at least 4 billion. Other notables include Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffet.

Further confirming the depopulation endgame, the Georgia Guidestones, erected in Altanta, Georgia in 1979, and coordinated by a mysterious individual purported to be named, “Christian”, are engraved in six languages with the following message for the public to see: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”. It is rumored that a secret cabal of powerful men are behind this massive installation; they remain in the shadows but are suspected to be affiliated with the Masonic Order which is found in almost all communities on earth.

Is the depopulation agenda rooted in psychopathy?

A diagnosed psychopath is an individual intent on acquiring power, control over others by any means possible. Any pain inflicted on those who succumb is pleasurable to a psychopath. Their actions are not necessarily attached to violence; they inflict pain on others in various ways. Deception is their hallmark; they lie ceaselessly. There is no remorse in the outcome of their actions. It is estimated by therapists that 4 -6 % of the world population are psychopaths and that they are “untreatable”. They naturally gravitate to positions of power to satiate their desires. This article featuring the famed Dr. Hare, the world’s leading voice on psychopathy, professor emeritus from University of British Columbia, will enlighten you.

Can there be any question that the deliberate culling of humanity through concealed and cruel measures is anything but psychopathic in nature?


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