“Austerity measures”, the new sound byte and by-product of G20 meetings, is seeing early stages of global anger and resistance. The world is rich in resources and there is plenty for everyone–so why do we need austerity measures?

A gaggle of international bankers have put nations into debt with insurmountable usury, crashed their markets and currencies, and, hoarded all the gold and silver. Now the people must subsist, enslaved to these schemes, and live a meager existence until this charade can begin again. For centuries, people have suffered under the boom and bust schemes of these bankers who remain in the shadows, enjoying the riches of their theft. This time, the tides may turn against this persistent evil. Watch the millions of voices and feet below…and witness the beginning of a power shift.

2.5 million French protest over retirement reform – October 2010

100,000 in Greece fight over harsh wage cuts

In Toronto, Police Brutality reached beyond a mile perimeter of the G20peaceful Canada has now experienced the Police State

In London, over 50,000 students fight tuition hikes from 3,000 to 9,000 pounds putting higher education beyond reach, smashing Tory HQs

In Dublin,  over 100,000 fight their the treasonous Irish government

In Spain, austerity fight takes to the street


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